Would Rather Give $1,000 Stimulus Check To Each American: Republican Representative Rand Paul Blocks $40B Ukraine Aid

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has said that the US economy should not be allowed to be doomed at the expense of saving Ukraine and referred to food and gas prices and the general inflation during his remarks on the floor of the Senate. He suggested that the amount meant for Ukraine could instead be used for another federal stimulus check for Americans.

But the aid may at best be delayed as the Senate leader has agreed to an amendment suggested by Rand Paul.

Leader of the Majority Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate, agreed to a strategy that could lead to a poll on the question of aid to Ukraine.

The Senator objected to moving ahead with the move to send aid to Ukraine as he wants the general legislation amended to contain his mention of the inspector rather than to vote on it just as an amendment.

Stimulus Check: Rand Paul Insists That Ukraine is Being Supported At The Cost Of The US Economy

His insistence on moving ahead with the aid package and instead insisting on the stimulus check will affect the passage of the aid package.

He insisted that the administration is moving towards dooming the American economy and mentioned the cost of vehicles, gasoline, food, and other essential items, something only a stimulus check can help resolve at this stage.

The Senator noted that this was the second aid package to Ukraine within one year. Congress approved a $13.6B aid to Ukraine. Paul also referred to the price of the pandemic and the money expended on the conflict in the troubled Middle East.

Paul said that Congress needs to evaluate the cost of supporting Ukraine unconditionally. With federal stimulus checks having dried up, Americans are feeling the effect of the high inflation rate. Any additional burden on the US economy might send it into a tailspin.