Residents Of Two States To Receive Stimulus Check Over Next Two Months

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Stimulus Check

State governments in the US have taken up the responsibility of supporting their residents as high inflation rates have led to a spurt in the prices of essential commodities, gasoline, and other everyday expenses. With federal stimulus checks drying up in 2022, the states have moved in to take their place.

Residents of New Mexico and Maine will start receiving a state stimulus check starting in June, even as lawmakers moved ahead with the necessary legislation to pass on the economic relief to their residents.

Alaska, too, has moved ahead with a law that will send a cash payment of as much as $5,500 to its residents.

The inflation rate continues to be at an all-time high of 8.3%, a marginal decline from 8.5% in March 2022. It is the highest in 4 decades and has prompted the state administrations to go for immediate stimulus checks for its low and medium-earning residents.

California, Colorado, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kansas, and Hawaii are going ahead with legislative measures.

Criteria To Receive Maine Stimulus Check

Around 858,000 residents of Maine are to get a relief check worth $850 that will support them as they struggle against the post-pandemic inflation that has put many essential items out of the reach of the low-income groups and even the middle-class.

Residents of Maine who have filed their income tax returns will begin receiving the stimulus check starting in June. Residents have until October 31 to file their 2021 state income tax returns. Only full-time residents of Maine will receive the stimulus check if their AGI is less than $100,000 for individual filers, $200,000 for a married couple filing jointly, and $150,000 for the head of household.

Residents have been advised to file their returns as early as possible to receive the stimulus check by June. Those filing their returns later will receive the relief checks even as they file their returns.