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Friday, December 9, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- Payment Of $850 Could Drive Inflation In Maine

The former Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, went on to argue that the stimulus check payments of $850 that would be sent to most of the citizens could worsen inflation. This comment from the former Governor has definitely ignited criticism of a key item in the budget that has been backed by the Governor of the state Janet Mills, and members of his own party.

The payments, which will be issued from June, were the centerpiece of the supplemental budget of the Democratic governor- but the idea was first brought by lawmakers of the Republican party to return a chunk the previous fall. Back then, this had bipartisan backing in the state legislature. 

Former Maine Governor Has Issues With The Stimulus Check

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The former Governor’s vitriol against the stimulus check payment does see him lining up against Janet Mill, his opponent for the 2022 election. Incidentally, he has also been standing apart from all the members of his own party in the State House. LePage had also spoken with reporters at a campaign stop in Bangor, where he and Rep. Bruce Poliquin of Maine’s 2nd District went on to pump gas for the customers at the Convenience store on Broadway.

Several legislative Republicans did call upon Janet Mills to return at least half of the budget surplus of the state directly to taxpayers in the form of a stimulus check that would combat the rise in prices. She went on to embrace that in her speech at the State of the State, where she initially proposed a check of $500 for Mainers. 

The amount for the stimulus check then grew to about $850 after the budget projections came in much higher than was anticipated initially. After a major push from most of the legislative Republicans who wanted to send payments to all Mainers, lawmakers also wanted to expand the eligibility that would include all Mainers. 

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