2023 Tax Refund: How To Handle Outstanding Payments

Tax Refund

Every year, the United States sees several million dollars of tax refunds undelivered. You may be among the citizens who are facing such a situation. However, here are some methods that may help you receive the deserved funds. First off is the “Where’s My Refund” webpage on the IRS’s website. There, you will be asked for your Social Security numbers, filing status, and the total amount expected from your tax refund in dollars. This should inform you about its status.

If the online method fails to retrieve the status, then you may ring up the IRS manually to get proper verification of the tax refund status. However, beware that you will probably have to quite a long while before you can talk to a human representative. To avoid that, you can use the automated call system.

Moving And Other Situations Affecting The Tax Refund

The checks for tax refunds are addressed to the last address that the IRS knows of. As such, if you have moved and notified the USPS or the IRS, the check may go back to the agency. To address this, you have to mail a change of address form, numbered Form 8822, to the agency. The USPS must also be notified of the address change.

You may also qualify for a tax refund from the federal government, however, you usually do not do filings. In such a case, the refund will go unclaimed. So, even if there is no need for you to do filings, it can help to do so if IT for the federal government were deducted from your salary. It can also be the case if you are eligible for the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). Your wages may not have required you to file a return, however, as long you do so within 3 years of the deadline, you can still get the refund.