More Than 230 Million People Were Worthy Of Stimulus Check, Received Half Of Them

Stimulus check

Study shows nearly 228 million people were eligible for stimulus check, issued from 2020 to 2021. Due to a lack of information and responsibilities, the majority couldn’t claim their checks. In the rural areas, there are very few internet connections which was the main cause of not claiming them. The IRS has been declaring since last year to claim their missed checks. The only good thing about the pandemic was probably the checks issued by the federal government.

Only 92% Received Stimulus Check

More than 92% were eligible for the stimulus check sent out during the pandemic. Those who actually applied for it even received them. Some of them partially missed them. But they are still eligible to claim them. Out of 228 million people 210 million received their checks.

These checks were sent under the CARES Act. Three rounds of checks were distributed. From April 2020 till 2021 March. The first payment is worth $1400. The second is $600 and the last and third one is $1200. After that, the country was challenged with inflation. The government decided to stop issuing further stimulus checks. It is hard for some people to live without financial aid.

The majority were going through unemployment. Hence the aid was needed. All of these payments were issued to eligible candidates who paid all of their taxes properly, without any delays or misses.

Stimulus checks were supposed to bring financial peace to Americans. However, if it’s issued now it could lead to inflation again which the country cannot risk. Recession is acceptable and bearable. In the midst of all many states designed their own type of stimulus check and provided financial assistance.