3 Body Problem S2: All The Required Details 

3 body problem

At last, Netflix is streaming the biggest science fiction epic of the twenty-first century. Furthermore, 3 Body Problem is not as grounded as it seems despite its modern surroundings. Humanity ends up billions of years in the future—and in entirely new dimensions—by the end of these novels. What begins as a tactile, grounded tale will ultimately develop into something much larger.

Having said that, it might be challenging to grasp the greater cosmic picture inside the eight episodes of 3 Body Problem. Furthermore, the season 1 finale episode can leave you with more questions than answers if you haven’t read the novels or even if you have. What can we expect from season two? How far forward in time does the show plan to go? And will those annoying aliens ever show up?

Full Disclaimer: 3 Body Problems S2 Is Yet To Be Greenlit

Netflix has not publicly approved a second season of 3 Body Problem as of this writing. However, showrunners David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo have disclosed in a number of interviews (including one on Collider) that they want to adapt all three books over the course of up to four seasons. The showrunners say that while 3 Body season 1 and maybe season 2 will adhere to the basic storylines of the first two books, it’s probable that the third book (Death’s End) would involve two separate seasons. “The third book is very large.” I believe it to be twice as long as the other two novels,” Benioff remarked. Thus, it might be one season or two. To tell the entire story, though, I believe we would need at least three, if not four, seasons.

Woo stated that “we’re doing [the writing and planning] now,” supporting the showrunners’ assertion that they are currently working on season 2. Thus, there is a very serious plan for a second season, even though there isn’t a release date yet and it appears that filming hasn’t begun either.