3 Most Important Reasons To Buy AAPL Stock At The Moment

AAPL Stock
AAPL Stock

Recently, the entire stock market has shown a whole lot of fluctuations, erratic business, and choppiness. Before the US elections and now after it, the choppiness has survived with a strong rally for a week in-between. Apple or AAPL stock has also been facing a few issues in redirecting their business.

As is expected, investors are now considering the most profitable and risk-free time in the market that will prove to be a good time to buy AAPL stock.

However, the stock market is the most unpredictable place that exists on this planet. Nobody can make accurate predictions regarding the future of any stock price. All the factors are interconnected. If the whole market is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic fluctuations, AAPL stock will also be affected by it.

Nonetheless, investors who are looking for a longer investment in profitable stocks may very well choose the AAPL stock as they seem to have a good future ahead.

We are giving the prospective investors 3 good reasons to opt for AAPL stock

New Products Despite COVID-19

Though there has been some slowdown, Apple has been launching new products and has a whole new range planned and prepared for launch on a global scale very soon.

The brand new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro include an M1 chip processor that is designed by Apple. This microchip is vouched to be a next-generation development for laptop users.

Apple has also provided a sneak peek of 4 brand new range of iPhones within October itself. These 4 phones are iPhone 12 as well as 12 Mini, along with that iPhone 12 Pro in addition to 12 Pro Max.

Apple has labeled these new phones with various price ranges which are going to make it more viable and affordable for customers. Also, AAPL stock will be creating good revenue from this lineup of the iPhone with 5G connectivity.

Other new additions of new products include a HomePod, iPad Air, iPad, Watch as well as a service app of Apple One.

Growth Statistics

Since AAPL stock has already entered its financial year of 2021, there is an estimate of $314 billion growth in revenue which is almost 14.5%.

The following 2022 year is being projected to grow by at least 5% in revenue and 9% in earnings.

In this current year, AAPL stock showed a revenue of $53.76% in services which is 16.1% more than in 2019.

The products of Apple created a total of 31.5% margin. The figure for services margin was approximately double of Product sector.

Bullish AAPL Stock

Within this month AAPL stock was as high as $222, whereas October’s high was almost $225. Before that, the highest was almost $237.

These statistics show that AAPL stock has been experiencing a bullish trend in the stock market.

Investors must grab AAPL stock for a profitable venture.