After 3rd Stimulus Check, IRS May Send Bonus Money

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The IRS still sending out the 3rd stimulus check for the coronavirus pandemic that is worth $1,400. In addition, this tax agency might be circling back now and dispatching extra money.

Apparently, thousands of citizens of the United States of America who have already received their first, second, and third stimulus checks might now receive some extra money as a way of relief funding.

Extra Money Despite Stimulus Check 

Over 73,000 extra checks worth more than $1.3 billion were sent out during this week. On the other hand, the IRS had sent out almost 700,000 plus-up payments last week. This stimulus check can be considered as a ‘booster shot’.

The IRS had earlier explained that this extra money is designed in order to offer supplemental support to all Americans. This is mainly being sent to those people who have qualified for them by filing their tax returns for 2020.

The receiving of plus-up payment will largely depend on the amount already received as the 3rd stimulus payment. During the middle of March, the check had started being dispatched. The IRS had decided that based on eligibility and the tax return of 2019.

However if someone’s income had decreased due to the pandemic and they have recently filed their 2020 taxes, they may be eligible for a larger stimulus payment. The IRS will be sending them a plus-up payment for the reduced money.

Furthermore, Americans who were recently married and filed for the joint return are also eligible. Veterans getting disability compensation might also receive plus-up payment.

Plus-up payments figuring 730,000 have already been sent out. Nearly $384 billion stimulus payment has already been dispatched directly to eligible Americans during the last 7 weeks.