4th Stimulus Check In Demand But 3 Apps Can Keep You Financially Afloat 

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The citizens of the United States of America have been in dire problems owing to inflation. In addition, the wages they get are not enough to keep up with the increasing expenses. In the midst of these issues, the people of the US have been continuously demanding the fourth stimulus check. 

Congress has been receiving umpteen calls and petitions on a regular basis asking for another stimulus check. This added stimulus payment every month till the end of the COVID pandemic will certainly help Americans. Moreover, the senior citizens of the country have also been given petitions for additional stimulus money. 

Although there is no official statement or any assurance regarding the 4th stimulus check, Americans can check out 3 apps that might assist them in saving money. Savings can help them in surviving with more ease during these tough times. 

3 Apps for Financial Help Amid Missing Stimulus Check 

An App named ‘Chime’ costs about $1 every month but offers 2 very economic savings programs. These programs are referred to as ‘Save When I Get Paid’ and ‘Round Up’. 

Chime also provides very helpful financial advice to beginners and people in need. Americans can avail advice related to investment, starting an IRA, or using other benefits from Acorn and Robinhood apps. 

Chime also gives a saving account for direct deposit facilities that can transfer a large amount of paycheck to an individual savings account. 

Another app named ‘Qapital’ costs $3-$6 every month. It helps decrease debt, save, and manage finances economically. Their Debit Visa card also helps earn interest. 

Lastly, an app named ‘Digit’ offers sound advice related to debts. This app requires a monthly $5 and channels money in various ways before the best options to invest and earn. Digit is attached to the back account and keeps a track of all expenses.