California Golden Stimulus Check II: Next Round of 784,000 Payments Going Out Soon 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

FTB informed that the Golden Stimulus Check II payments worth $555 million will be sent to Californians soon. Daniel Tahara, the spokesperson, stated 34,000 payments in direct deposit mode will reach by 12th November. Additionally, 750,000 checks will reach the address mail by 15th November. 

The administration has said that all checks will be sent out by the end of 2021. Gavin Newsom, Governor’s office announced 2 out of 3 Californians are receiving the $12 billion stimulus checks. This program was initially intended to pay low-income people but later covered Californians earning not more than $75,000. 

Golden Stimulus Check Eligibility 

1: Citizens must file their 2020 tax returns by 15th October. 

2: Gross income between $1 and $75,000. Californians with lesser income must have dependents to get additional checks. 

3: Must be a California resident for half the tax year and payment date. 

4: People with other dependents cannot claim Golden stimulus. 

Parents with Social Security and received the Golden check will soon get an added $500. Undocumented parents with an ITIN number will receive $1,000. 

Citizens earning $30,000-$75,000 are eligible to receive $600. If they are with a child, they will get $1,100. 

California’s FTB has an online estimator to help people calculate the number of their checks. Direct deposits are expected to reach within minimal business days while paper checks will arrive within 3 weeks. 

Payments will not be processed till tax returns are filed. The timeframe for paper checks can be viewed on the website. The schedule follows the eligibility validation and protection from fraudulence. 

Californians without Social Security must file their ITIN by 15th October and wait for their checks. Qualified people who already filed their tax returns do not need to do anything more. They will soon get their Golden Stimulus Check.