Stimulus Check Petitions Boosted By California Payments

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

Petitions on the internet that urge the White House to issue more stimulus checks are almost at 4Mn signatures, collectively. The signatures keep climbing as several hundred thousand direct payments are being sent out by the state of California.

Will Anything Come Of The Stimulus Check Petitions?

Congress is highly unlikely to use any more direct stimulus checks. However, that is not stopping activists from gathering on the internet and calling for more support for more payments or checks worth $2000 that recur monthly.

So far, Congress has issued three stimulus check rounds that have been sent to the majority of Americans (reportedly even billionaires). In 2020 March, the first payment worth $1200 was sent. Then the second payment worth $600 was sent in December. Finally, this spring, the American Rescue Plan by President Biden sent out the third round worth $1400.

However, the pandemic’s negative fallout on the economy has persisted to this date despite the multiple rounds of relief aid. As a result, many American residents are of the strong opinion that Congress should be doing a lot more to help the public. A popular petition on requesting monthly payments worth $2000 has 2,957,520 signatures of the 3Mn required to reach its target, so far.

There are many other petitions online that have been substantially supported too. Another campaign on that called for a UBI worth $2000 for everyone until the end of the pandemic has gathered almost 390,000 signatures. Another similar petition has been supported by more than 225,000 people. A third petition asking for a monthly $2000 payment as well as mortgage and rent forgiveness has been backed by almost 183000 people.

During this time, California has issued two stimulus check rounds from its own budget. Several hundred thousand are still being sent to eligible Californians.