A 4th Stimulus Check Seems Like An Uncertainty At This Time!

stimulus checks

The 4th stimulus check is becoming uncertain with more and more time. The government is looking to wind down the majority of the programs offering economic assistance to struggling Americans. These programs were introduced at the start of this Covid-19 pandemic. All of this suggests that no struggling Americans will be able to receive money in the coming future, let alone the 4th stimulus check. 

Through December, People Won’t Be Receiving Any Stimulus Check!

The struggling people of America have strongly voiced their opinions in favor of the 4th stimulus check. However, this 4th stimulus payment is not even being considered at this moment. Due to some of the important previous legislation, people are still receiving their money in their bank accounts. These legislations were made to provide a boost to the American economy. In March, the IRS delivered the first round of stimulus payments. The total number of stimulus checks sent out by the IRS stands at 2.2 million. These checks were given only to those Americans who filed their 2020 tax returns. 

In addition, the IRS delivered the plus-up payments to those Americans eligible for additional money and they already have their 2020 and 2019 tax returns. These tax returns of 2020 and 2019 were then compared. The Child Tax Credit payments were given to the accounts of only those parents who are eligible for receiving the funds starting on 15th July. So, with all these payments getting wind down with the help of the government, the chances of receiving a 4th stimulus check remain thin.

The American children having ages below six received nearly $300/ child. The kids who have their ages between 6-17 received around $250/ child. Through December, you won’t be receiving any stimulus check or any economic aid programs.