Stimulus Payment Irregularity Creates Social Media Stir

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Most of the countries around the world this year have faced a delay in the stimulus payment that is to be made by their respective governments. Southern England happens to be one of those countries.

Following this inconvenience, the I-Team of NBC 10 took the initiative to investigate the stimulus payment issue. They undertook the decision to do so after having received numerous phone calls and emails from their viewers. Most of the complainers are the H&R Block customers.

A Stimulus Payment Receiver’s Panicky Anecdote

Jamie Godin, one of the financial aid receivers from Woonsocket gave a statement concerning her stimulus payment. She claimed that, initially, she thought that someone took over her number of Social Security. This was because she met with the sight of her payment of $600 getting deposited to an account, she had no idea about. This happened when she approached the Get My Payment website of the IRS.

Jamie also mentioned that she made a phone call to take the matter to the IRS but she was left unsatisfied. Later, she approached the I-Team concerning the matter of NBC 10. That was when it was established that Jamie Godin was among thousands of others, all over the country, who faced the same problem of unpaid stimulus payment. All the sufferers were H&R customers.

Later, social media was flooded with complaints concerning the stimulus payment. The company then addressed the problem. They wrote that there might be cases where the Get My Payment website of the IRS may display the account number from the Refund Transfer that could be taken by the users before. This is why the account number may not match. They also told the stimulus payment receivers to look for the return from the year 2019, in order to confirm.

Most of the receivers seem to be unhappy about this irregularity in the payment. The H&R is reportedly continuing their investigation on the matter.