CTC Stimulus Check Greatly Appreciated By Parents

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Most of the eligible parents were very glad to have received the child tax credit stimulus checks. Barbarett Corbbins, one of them, claimed that she was absolutely “relieved”  when she received the money. It was just last week that the money got deposited into the bank account of the parent. The total amount was 500 USD. She is a resident of the state of West Virginia. She works as one of the registration specialists at the hospital of the state university. However, she is currently on medical leave and does not have any idea when her work will resume.    

Stimulus Check, Good News For The Parents 

As per her statement, Barbarett Corbinns, the mother of two revealed the fact that she was contacted by the department of IRS earlier. The motive behind that was to inform her about the money that she was to receive as child tax credit stimulus checks. She was told that she would be receiving it for both of her kids. However, she forgot about this until she was told to review the balance in her account. Barbarett then saw that she had a total of 500 USD, 250 USD for one child. The mother stated that it was such a big relief for her. 

Barbarett Corbinns, expressing her thankfulness on the child tax credit stimulus checks stated that since she was not working, the money would help her to provide for her two kids as well as to tackle other household bills of her family. She also stated that her electricity bills were 370 USD. The other also revealed that if there is any money left after all the bills are paid, she will directly save them. Over 35 million households having 60 million kids received their first round of the child tax credit stimulus checks just last week.