4th Stimulus Check: All That Is Known About More Relief Money

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Congress is considering several budget items for 2021, but the fourth round of stimulus checks is not seemingly included in it. The focus of the Senate and the House is on getting Biden’s infrastructure bill passed right now. However, the public support for one more stimulus check is increasing day by day, as the delta coronavirus surges.

The Current And Future Stimulus Check Plans

So are there any stimulus checks still on offer in 2021? Firstly, millions are being issued by the IRS as part of the expanded CTC. The latest payment was sent on 13th August, last week. There are also the “plus-up” stimulus checks for any amount that you missed out on in the official one.

Secondly, in select states, there are the $1000 stimulus check or gratitude payments for school staff and teachers. Thirdly, residents of California will get a second Golden State relief worth a maximum of $1100 in September.

At the same time, the petition demanding an extra $2000 each month has continued gaining traction. The newest federal aid idea from the House involves paying $100 to the newly vaccinated citizens.

As far as the lawmakers are concerned, the last argument for another stimulus check came in May. A request by the Means and Ways Committee of the House was the last one. Two big bills are currently being considered: the bipartisan infrastructure bill worth $1Tn, and a proposed reconciliation package worth $3.5Tn. Of the two, the reconciliation package has the highest chance of developments for “human infrastructure”.

Three ways are the most likely that Congress can take to approve any more stimulus relief. These are: the CTC expansion is made permanent; there is a hike in the minimum wage, and federal unemployment benefits are extended after Labor Day.