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Want The 4th Stimulus Check? This Latest Relief Might Be Here Already

Millions that are looking forward to another stimulus check as the pandemic is coming to an end, are still hoping that it is coming. Speaker Pelosi or any other leaders of Congress have not given any new comments on the subject. Although that does not make it impossible, the time elapsed is making it less likely.

Different Kinds Of New Stimulus Checks Already Coming

The government may not be issuing another stimulus check officially, but other ways of economic assistance are starting up. These include financial support for the unemployed, homeowners, renters, and parents.

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Starting from 15th July, several million households can get 6 months’ worth of stimulus checks for the family. This will be available via a tax credit for child support that has been expanded temporarily. Till the end of 2021, the stimulus payments of a maximum of $300 will be continuing.

Renters who are struggling to get by can get a part of over $46Bn that has been made available under the pandemic program for rental assistance. This is a government initiative for those who have not been able to keep up with their rents. If you are facing similar troubles, you can ask for assistance for over a year. This will include rent payments for the future.

Owners of homes can look at the fund for mortgage aid which has been allocated $10Bn. This was created back in March when Joe Biden had signed off on the rescue package for COVID. Each state has been allocated at least $50million along with the Columbian District and Puerto Rico.

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Beginning from 1st July, you can opt for health insurance free of cost through HealthCare.gov. It is also the marketplace for Obamacare. However, this is only for those who have been approved or received unemployment benefits in the present year. If you meet the qualifications, you can opt for a health plan called “silver” that does not require any premium.

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