5 Altcoin Rallies Have Been Spectacular While Sharing A Common Point


Entire sectors in cryptocurrency trading can move together. However, the top altcoin rallies of this week have only one thing in common – one indicator for trading that turned green for all of them just before their prices swung upwards.

The Altcoin Rallies In Question

The altcoin rallies that are being talked about are Linear (LNA), Koinos (KOIN), Voyager (VGX), AAVE, and Polygon (Matic). There have been major altcoin rallies in all 5 of them during the previous month.

The common point among these different altcoin rallies is their VORTECS score. All of them were over 90 just before they reached their highest price levels. Moreover, all the altcoin rallies had shown patterns of social behavior and trading that were identical to past conditions before rallies.

Cointelegraph’s VORTECS algorithm compares the present sentiment and trading conditions to similar situations in the past. When it is more than 80, then the tokens are considered to be confidently bullish. Usually, assets cross the threshold of 80 points between 30 and 50 times per week. However, 90+ scores are rare. Usually, there are only 4 to 5 times this happens in a week. Sometimes there a week may not even have a single instance of it happening.

For the altcoin rallies, KOIN reported a VORTECS score of 90 when it was at $0.22. Within 24 hours, its price climbed to $0.44 – an increase of 100%. MATIC recorded 94.2 as its highest on 16th October, when it cost $1.56. Eventually, the increase in maximum price reached 35% following the VORTECS score. AAVE recorded 90.8 on the VORTECS scale on 18th October. After that, the token went on an 11-day rally that ended on 29th October. LINA and VGX reported 13.4% and 3.7% gains after posting their highest VORTECS scores.