5 SEO Boosting Strategies for 2023

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Making your website visible online is one of the toughest tasks for any site owner. There are many things you need to focus on and your competitors are constantly looking for ways to get ahead of you. If you’re struggling to stay at the top of the search results, or if you finally want to appear on the first page, below are some strategies to explore for 2023.

Work with an SEO Agency

Perhaps one of the best things you can do to boost your SEO efforts in 2023 is to let another company handle it for you. There are dedicated SEO agencies all over the world who have the necessary expertise to take your online marketing efforts to another level. According to FirestarterSEO.com, “SEO agencies can help businesses grow by ranking clients on the first page of Google, driving organic traffic, and converting traffic into qualified leads.”

Look for some SEO agencies in your local area if you have a local business, or search online for SEO agencies that specialize in your industry. Talk to a few of them and gather some information about the services they can provide and for what cost. You’ll then want to compare the potential costs with the increase in revenue that you expect to get from improved search rankings. After all this, you may discover that outsourcing your SEO efforts to an agency makes the most financial sense.

Focus on Quality Content

If you want to continue your SEO efforts on your own, a great place to start is with the content you create for your website. Each time you create a new page on your website, you create a new opportunity for your audience to find you. However, if these new pages don’t rank well in search results, or if they don’t hold the new visitor’s attention, you’re unlikely to see much benefit from them. This is why you’ll want to focus on ensuring that each piece of content you create is of high quality.

For example, let’s say you want to create a new blog post. Rather than writing a quick 300-word article that doesn’t provide much detail, you could instead write something that’s over 1,000 words and answers any questions a visitor might have. The more value you add to each new page, the more likely it is that someone will read the entire thing. Not only that, but other websites are more likely to link to your content if it’s high value, which can then boost it further in search results. Spend more time creating high-quality content and you should start to see results over time.

Find New Keywords

The next thing you can focus on in 2023 is the keywords you’re targeting. Many people, when creating an SEO strategy, find an initial set of keywords related to their business and continue to target them for a long time. However, the internet landscape is always changing. This means that the keywords you started targeting may no longer be the best options, and keywords that at one point weren’t feasible to go after are now relevant.

It’s a good idea to reevaluate your keyword strategy every few months. Use some keyword tools to help you find new keywords to target and reassess the keywords you’re currently targeting. You may find that by simply switching to different variations of your current keywords, you’re able to bring in a lot more traffic.

Create a Link Strategy

A big part of SEO is link building. Link building refers to the websites that link to your pages. When search engines are determining where to rank a website, it factors in the number of websites that link to that page, along with the quality of those pages. Therefore, pages with a large number of reputable websites linking to them will typically appear higher in the search results than those pages with only a few links.

For 2023, try to get high-quality websites to link back to your own. You might be able to do this by guest-posting on their website or offering to link-share with them. Find websites in your niche that have a large amount of traffic and reach out to them. Sometimes a few links from strong websites are all it takes to jump one of your pages to the top of the results.

Run Split Tests

Finally, try running some split tests in 2023. Split tests are when you create two versions of a webpage, with each version being slightly different from the other. You then show each visitor one of the versions at random and track the results. If you discover that one page performs significantly better than the other, you can conclude that the slight differences were the reason.

For example, you might create two versions of a blog post, one of which uses a large header image and one that doesn’t. If, after showing the blog post to a large number of visitors, you discover that the page with the image performs better, you can then add images to all future blog posts. Try running a bunch of split tests to determine the best configuration for your website, as lower bounce rates will help your SEO efforts.