New Stimulus Check Proposal Would Provide $1000 To Citizens

Stimulus check

In an op-ed on the 9th of April, Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Democratic candidate from Minnesota, stated how a couple of stimulus check proposals could benefit millions of families in the country.

The first proposal would provide an income floor for everyone that has faced inequality. The second proposal would ensure the permanence of the expanded Child Tax Credit. First, Omar also mentioned that she would be pushing toward measures like the Support Act. The Support Act would be sending a sum of $1,200 every month to every adult, as well as a sum of $600 to every child- through the local governments in the form of a cash payment over a period of five years. 

Stimulus Check Proposal Introduced By Senator Omar

In addition to the stimulus check proposal, Omar, along with Reps. Jesus Garcia and Rashida Tlaib also re-introduced the End Child Poverty Act. This is said to replace the CTC and other provisions in the EITC– or the earned income tax credit with a Universal Child Benefit- according to the statement from the representatives.

In an announcement on the 6th of April, the three legislators mentioned that on the federal level, this program would also be quite universal- and would include no income phase-ins or phase-outs. Children would find themselves enrolled at birth automatically- and every family would be receiving a monthly payment- which would then be distributed by the Social Security Administration.

It is understood that the initiative by the legislature could be inspired by the proposal put forward by Minnesota to issue stimulus check payments. Under the proposal, families that earn less than $50,000 will be issued a payment of $1,000 per child through the state child tax credit- which will be irrespective of the tax liability that is in place.