A Different Angle: the Ways for Businesses to Differentiate Themselves in Their Video Content

how to manage social media for small businesses
how to manage social media for small businesses

While every business is focused on increasing sales through the most effective channels, there is one that is head and shoulders above the rest. In today’s digital age, video content is indispensable. It allows businesses to connect with their audiences instantly, put forth their values succinctly, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. It’s vital that businesses differentiate themselves, and this is why finding different approaches to elevating your brand with unique video content is invaluable. But how can companies ensure they stand out from the rest when creating video content? Let’s explore some unique perspectives.

Aerial Storytelling

A very niche practice; however, if you are looking to find a unique approach to how you showcase the scope of your business and or product, you may want to take to the skies. These days, drones are available in their droves. The latest models like the DJI Mini 4 Pro are ideal to ensure that you can showcase every aspect of your brand from a completely different dimension.

Whether it’s showcasing your office space or a manufacturing process, when you elevate those production values by incorporating drones or aerial photography, this instantly sets you apart. One industry that greatly benefits from aerial shots is real estate, where the visual presentation of a property is pivotal to promotion and getting those all-important sales. Using drones to capture stunning shots that showcase the property’s surroundings and features provides valuable information to potential buyers and creates an instant impression that will distinguish the real estate agency from others. Typical approaches to property photography are typically underwhelming at best. Therefore, taking to the skies will instantly elevate both product and service.

Gaining Insights Using Behind-the-Scenes and Explainer Videos

In today’s landscape, it is critical that companies showcase their transparent nature. Building bridges with customers through marketing materials like behind-the-scenes and/or explainer videos goes a long way to ensure that they are telling the story of a business. Customers always appreciate transparency and authenticity.

As transparency becomes a critical component of how businesses operate from the inside out, having insights from the customer’s perspective can go a long way to differentiate the brand and elicit a positive response. Providing behind-the-scenes insights through explainer videos, for example, focusing on one employee and the job they do, as well as how businesses get the product from supplier to customer, are all unique ways to break down those barriers between the business and the customer.

In today’s ethically conscious world, having transparency as one of its core values, not just for the sake of the employees but also the customers, will showcase a meticulous nature towards running a business. This goes a long way to humanize the brand. Many businesses use person-centered approaches to their marketing and/or communication. When we are faced with real human beings rather than logos and imagery, this goes a long way to building that bond.

Engaging Tutorials

Educational content has become a valuable asset in every aspect of content marketing. It allows organizations to help customers understand internal processes and make more of their product, and is essential for complying with the ever-evolving search engine optimization trends and tactics.

Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are more important than keyword stuffing in modern marketing practices. This is why we need to ensure customers always come away learning something. The great thing is that businesses can utilize educational content in so many different ways. How-to videos are one of the more popular approaches and can easily be put to use in hardware store environments to help customers with DIY projects.

However, while videos of this nature position the businesses as experts in their field they also help customers to exert a greater level of autonomy. With products that require some assembly, using engaging video content that is easy to follow makes it simpler from the customer’s perspective. If they know how to put something together with a step-by-step instructional video, this means they’re less likely to engage with the customer service department, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the need for customer service resources in-house.

Engaging tutorials or how-to videos can also provide a fresh perspective on demonstrating tasks or techniques. It’s at this point where you can humanize your brand more with a warm and engaging presence on the video. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field will distinguish your business from the competitors, which is where engaging tutorials and how-to videos make a massive difference.

Visual Effects

Going back to the notion of production values, many people make the mistake of thinking they need to set off as many fireworks as possible, literally and figuratively. While there’s no denying that creating mesmerizing video content can capture somebody’s attention, you’ve got to use it in the right setting.

A very good example would be if you are setting up a business event. Many companies have created an immersive experience, known as experiential marketing, that gained interest because of the visceral marketing techniques in a live setting. That spectacle, when captured in a live setting, is not just going to engage the people present at the event, but you can also capture it on video and use it as part of your video marketing strategy. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary sets you apart.

Creating unforgettable video content is partly to do with that real visceral impact, but there is no point in blowing your marketing budget on something that looks good but doesn’t deliver.

Approaching Live Streaming in the Right Ways

Live streaming has become an amazing way to engage with audiences in real time. Platforms like Twitch have been a trailblazer in this field because of the audience’s ability to influence what they’re seeing on screen. But this is where businesses need to start thinking differently to engage with audiences in real time.

Product launches are one such method that can provide a captivating view that keeps people engaged. Live events like a Q&A session or a virtual tour can also benefit from audience interaction. It adds a visual edge that creates intrigue that sets you apart from your competitors while still taking advantage of live streaming as an effective marketing tactic.

Collaborating with Influencers

If we use influencer marketing effectively, this can greatly enhance the impact of how businesses collaborate across the board. Finding the right influencer who aligns with your brand values and your target audience can ensure that you create effective content that looks amazing but also resonates with followers. This is most commonly used in the fashion industry as there are many fashion influencers.

Ultimately, it depends on your branding and the product. Leveraging the influencer’s reach is certainly a great way to position yourself as a leader in a specific market as it will attract a certain demographic. You need to be sure that once you’ve acquired that audience, you keep them interested. This is where engaging content is effective, but you also need to hook them in with certain offers and deals that can start a long and beneficial relationship.

Interactive Experiences

Virtual experiences are an essential component of the modern marketing world. Artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) are three areas that are consistently expanding in scope, and you can leverage this to make an instant impact.

Interactive 360-degree virtual experiences can provide an immersive format. It allows viewers to not just step into a project but they can control their perspective. This is something that can be very impactful in an industry such as travel. Capturing 360-degree footage of a popular vacation destination will allow someone to step into a destination virtually, visit these locations, explore different angles, and take a “try before you buy” approach.

Setting yourself apart as an innovative content creator is tough these days, which is why you’ve got to go for something novel on occasion. Because so few businesses are using augmented or virtual reality, now is the ideal time to, literally, provide a different angle.

What We Need to Remember

Video content marketing, in all of its forms, is infinitely competitive. Hunting for that ever-innovative approach to how you present your work is tough. Being creative and updating your video production tactics that offer a unique visual perspective can be an ongoing mission. But we must remember that the ability to tell a story is not necessarily defined by the technology that we use. Rather, it’s about understanding how this technology can serve our vision.

Marketing budgets are squeezed, technology is not as advanced as we think, and when we believe that we can’t do something because of perceived limitations, this is when we are doing our business and brand a disservice. There are always approaches to showcase your product in a unique and interesting light. If anything, marketing agencies can suffer from a lack of creativity or rely too much on their tools.

Working together with businesses, the marketing department or agency can certainly find an angle that differentiates themselves not just from other businesses but actually from themselves.