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Stimulus Checks In New York City

Nearly 6 billion USD was provided to the lawmakers of various states by the federal government which is the basic source of stimulus checks provided to the eligible residents of the state. It was provided under the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. It has been stated that the CAC (City Arts Corps) of New York City will be providing grants to the people. It is a one-time payment. The said payments are to go out in the month of October.

NYC Stimulus Check Details

The main reason behind providing the stimulus check financial aid payments is to provide support to the artists. It is a way of sustaining their profession. The fund will also provide financial help to the artists to host cultural programs to engage the general public. The stimulus checks financial aid payment is provided to the artists based in the city of New York. Especially the ones who have faced a lot of economic hardships following the coronavirus pandemic.

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The authorities of the city are also making some plans to provide a kind of financial help to the industry of taxicabs based in the city. The amount that has been planned as of now is over 60 million USD. This takes place as the said industry is the one that has faced the hardest fight from arch-rivals, Lyft and Uber. The officials of the city have also allocated funds in order to help the homeless population of the city.

They have already allocated a total of over 125 million USD stimulus check financial aid payments for those people. As per reports, it was stated that these measures that have been the in order to meet the needs of people from various different people are just “the beginning” and that there is so much more to come. It was also stated that these decisions taken by the officials will safeguard the lives of the NewYorkers.

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