A New Stimulus Check For The Residents Of Maine

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks

There has been news that the Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, has recently given a proposal for $850 as a new stimulus check to their residents. As per the proposal of Janet Mills, the state would like to return the surplus money to its residents who filed their tax returns on time. The surplus budget will provide for the stimulus check worth $850 for each eligible individual. 

A Stimulus Check Worth $850 Proposed By Governor, Janet Mills

There are now even faster ways to transfer money to people without any delay. The State Government can distribute this new stimulus check electronically rather than choosing the option of paper checks which causes several additional issues. This proposal has the support of both parties.

However, some members in the legislature want to execute this proposal as soon as possible and are encouraging direct payment methods. Maine has no record of using direct payment methods in its past. Thus, the officials of Administrative and Financial Services, have the opinion that the new direct method of payment can be too modern and will create unnecessary logistical problems that can in return delay the stimulus check to the people. 

Approximately 800,000 people are living in Maine who has filed their tax returns. However, as per the data of Revenue Services of Maine, even 50% of these taxpayers’ banking details and other information are not there with the department. Thus, it blocks the path of the direct payment system in the state.

The DAFS have always considered the option of paper checks to be the most reliable one and this will be the better choice at this point. However, the officials of the State did not rule out the electronic payment method. The original proposal was $500 and the stimulus check would have been just paid once. In case this proposal is accepted, it will be distributed by June.