A16Z Has Opened Up A Crypto Office In London


A16Z- Andreessen Horowitz- a venture capital firm, has already been set to open up the first office outside of the United States this year, which would add to the backdrop of the US based firms that would seek greener pastures outside of the United States.

The crypto founder of the company, Chris Dixon, went on to cite a largely predictable business environment as one of the biggest factors behind the decision for expansion. The move also comes amidst an entire slew of regulatory actions against crypto firms in the United States in the last few months. Dixon has mentioned that the decision was finalized after an interesting dialogue with the prime minister of the United Kingdom in addition to a few months of constructive conversations with HM Treasury, the Financial Conduct Authority, and the policymakers in the country. 

A16Z Is Looking Towards Expansion

However, the co-founder of a16z has also maintained that the firm remains quite invested in the United States and will also be continuing to work with the regulators and policymakers in order to push for more regulatory clarity for the crypto startups. The new pro-crypto prime minister for the country, Rishi Sunak, went on to attribute the news of the expansion of the company as having the right guardrails and regulation that have been set in place to foster the innovation while still protecting the rights of the consumers.

Along with the new office in London, a16z has also brought out its plan of launching a new Crypto Startup School program in London in the spring of 2024. The accelerator program for CSS will be aimed at attracting the international, as well as the entrepreneurs of the UK, who are quite keen on creating a career in the field of Web3. The most recent program in the CSS did end up receiving more than 8,000 applicants, with around 26 companies receiving investments from the company.