According To The Winklevoss Twins, A $500k Bitcoin Price Hike Is Inevitable

bitcoin price hike
bitcoin price hike

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss the founders of the Gemini crypto exchange claimed that the Bitcoin price hike will gradually reach the $500,000 marker per coin. The founders who were also seen competing in the 2008 Olympics in the growing game together said that instead of wondering whether the range will hit the said marker but now they are wondering how fast it will do so. Bitcoin too was invented in the year 2008 which is not very long ago. Cameron claims that the hike is still going to go a pretty long way and the real game has not even begun yet. 

Bitcoin Market shift

A shift in the market of the cryptocurrency trade is being noted by buyers like Microstrategy.  Cameron says this will go on like a very long game when the Fortune 100 and 500 company even central banks could start doing the same. He added Wallstreet has not even involved itself in this situation till now, big institutions have not yet started involving itself in the Bitcoin field till now. Very soon Cameron says, Wallstreet too will be seen in this field.

The Winklevoss brothers have been researching the Bitcoin price shifts they have been making a detailed report on the cryptocurrency market progress in the US. However, the studies had come to a sudden halt due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The twins claim that the course of their research work will alter greatly due to the changes in the market that has taken place after the virus has taken control of all aspects of the world including the economy. 

Research on Cryptocurrency

Tyler said that they have been investing in the Bitcoin market and dealing with cryptocurrency since the year 2012. They have been following the progress of the Bitcoin price over the last decade very closely. Market research says the twins are the proud owners of at least a whole of 1% of the total amount of Bitcoin in the market. This 1% amounts to over a billion in real-world money.

This is not the first time since the experts have made several predictions regarding the growth of Bitcoin price, it has been swaying from positive and skeptical outlooks on the matter. Time will determine how the predictions of the  Winklevoss twins will be noticed in the cryptocurrency market.

The pair of identical Winklevoss’s were best known to the world for getting into an elaborate lawsuit with the great Mark Zuckerberg. Later they also received $65 million in the same case. And when it comes to cryptocurrencies these brothers are very famous for their experiences in this field.