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Thursday, January 28, 2021


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Bitcoin Currently Finds 1,600 Of Its Mining Farms Shut Down In Iran

Quite a few reports have stated that the electricity blackouts faced by Iran have led to the country responding by shutting down bitcoin mining...

Bitcoin Will Be Looking To Consolidate Its Prices Before The Inevitable Price Movement

After quite a long period of time, the price of Bitcoin would seem to be really stable after a period of high volatility- and...

The Bitcoin Protocol, And The Problem Of Double-Spending

Ever since its conception, Bitcoin has genuinely excited curiosity and passion whilst receiving media attention at the same time. The effect got amplified when...

What do beginners need to know about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow and a lot of investors and traders are showing interest in these digital assets. Bitcoin can be...

Bitcoin Price Head Towards A Wild Swing This Week As Options Draw To A Close

The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is up for a wild ride this week. This is because BTC’s options are about to expire near the...

Bitcoin Becomes Tougher Than Ever To Mine

The oldest project in cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin, still has high hash rate. Yet, it faces this challenge. The difficulty is rated at a massive 20.8 trillion.

Bitcoin, The Psychology Behind Its Popularity

The value of Bitcoin has reached new heights at the beginning of the month of January 2021. The price was almost 42,000 USD. According...

Bitcoin Saw Its Worst Week Since March, Faith In Crypto Shaken

The sharp sell-off of Bitcoin this week is giving raise new questions regarding the sustainability of the booming cryptocurrency. The prices of digital assets have...

Bitcoin Dips Below $30,000

Bitcoin’s price just dropped below $30,000 in the past 24 hours. This drop pushes the crypto giant's weekly loss at a whopping 17%. It's gains slipped below 1%.

Bitcoin’s Price Drop In Two Days Has Managed To Clean More Than $100 Billion In The Crypto Market

The price of Bitcoin went down on Thursday for the second time, which resulted in over a 10% loss of the digital currency over...
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