UTXO Stack, A Trailblazing Layer 2 Bitcoin Solution, Receives Significant Startup Money


UTXO Stack, a modular BTC Layer2 blockchain launch platform, has concluded its seed investment round with success. Co-leading this round were ABCDE and SNZ Capital, with strategic investments from CKB Eco Fund. Other participants included y2z Ventures, OKX Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Matrixport, DRK Lab, and UTXO Management (the investing division of BTC Inc., which publishes Bitcoin Magazine). With the release of assets like Ordinals, BRC20, Atomicals, and Runes, the BTC ecosystem has significantly changed. It has gone from being a simple transactional currency to a multipurpose platform that supports a wide range of digital assets.

Despite Developments, Bitcoin’s Full Potential Still Remains To Be Explored 

Despite these developments, there are still significant obstacles preventing developers from realizing BTC’s full potential. They frequently deal with the Bitcoin blockchain’s intrinsically worse performance and are presently unable to develop smart contracts on it directly. This circumstance emphasizes the urgent requirement for creative methods that expedite BTC development procedures so that programmers may fully use its recently added functions. UTXO Stack has been created to tackle these issues. Because it is based on Bitcoin’s original UTXO mechanism, there will be no issues integrating and working with the BTC blockchain. This novel design facilitates the development of high-performance parallel chains by providing almost infinite scalability without sacrificing network security, supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem’s expansion. The UTXO stack makes it easy to launch BTC Layer2, which has the potential to generate Turing Complete contracts.