Crypto Titans Fight To Add An Emoji To Bitcoin


With backing from over 35 major crypto groups, including Nexo, the petition aims to achieve a Bitcoin emoji with 50,000 endorsements and global support. More than 35 well-known cryptocurrency groups and the cryptocurrency platform Nexo have teamed up to advocate for the creation of an official Bitcoin BTC tickers down $66,024 emoji.

The effort, “It Deserves an Emoji,” was announced on April 2 and is intended to garner 50,000 endorsements globally. More than 10,000 people signed the petition in less than a week after it was released, and it was directed at the Unicode Consortium—the organization in charge of standardizing emojis across all platforms. 

“Bitcoin Emoji Is Long Overdue,” Says Co-Founder Kantchev 

The initiative is supported, among others, by Brink, Bitget, Chainalysis, Kraken, Polygon, Brave, and BTC Inc.

Co-founder and executive chairman of Nexo Kosta Kantchev claims that because of Bitcoin’s popularity and market domination, it must be represented by a “unified symbol on all keyboards.” “The Emoji is long overdue,” continued Kantchev, “especially with 1.26 billion total addresses and 190,000+ professionals and tech pioneers pushing the global community forward.” In addition to being a symbolic move, the movement to create an emoji shows how united the cryptocurrency community is in its goal to promote Bitcoin’s acceptance around the globe. The goal of the Bitcoin Deserves an Emoji campaign is to gain enough traction to convince Unicode to take action. It draws inspiration from other emoji efforts, such as Taco Bell’s search for a taco emoji and Tinder’s support for an icon featuring an interracial marriage.