Addison Rae’s Father Says He Divorced Sheri Easterling ‘Months Before’

addison rae
addison rae

Monty Lopez, Addison Rae’s father, claims to be a free person. The 46-year-old says he separated with wife Sheri Easterling “a few months ago” in a private Zoom interview to Page Six.

Monty Lopez, Addison Rae’s dad in an interview with new partner Renee Ash said to Page Six that their divorce was finalized and he can move forward from now on.

He says that it is easy in Louisiana as it is much different in there. He says that it is much different where one has to understand that they were separated for over two years currently.

He says that once someone go to the court and they say that they were separated for over two years and they are living separately for a year and half, and you have done your diligence, it is different.

With Easterling, who he wedded in 2017 after a number of breakdowns, Lopez claims he has achieved closure.

Addison Rae’s Father Claims To Have Divorced Previous Partner Months Ago:

The existence of a resealable container between the ex-spouses in the Lafayette Parrish judicial process was verified to Page Six by a clerk. Easterling hasn’t yet replied to any of our several inquiries for clarification.

Lopez, who also has sons Enzo, and Lucas, with Easterling in along with to TikTok icon Addison Rae, claims they first kept their split a secret to preserve the “idea” of their well-known family among the public.

The Los Angeles-based father of three alleges that he met Ash more than a year after divorcing Easterling, who stays in Louisiana with her boys.

Lopez and Ash immediately grew close, but their relationship fizzled last july after the influencer claimed Lopez “lied” regarding his marital and “misled” her towards having an affair.

After Lopez implored Ash’s mom and close friends to assist him in reestablishing contact with the stunning brunette, the two made up earlier in the month.