AEP American Electric Power Company Rated By Researchers “Buy”


AEP American Electric Power Corporation, Inc., a public electricity utility company, is involved in the transmission, generation as well as distribution of electricity in the United States for retail from the sale along with wholesale customers. It functions within the divisions of Transmission as well as Distribution Utilities, Generation & Marketing, Vertically Integrated Utilities, and AEP Transmission Holdco. 

On Friday, AEP opened with $80.47. Over seventeen researchers have given an average recommendation of “buy” to the electricity firm. The average annual price objective between several brokers’ issued reports is $94.36. Out of all, the company has received a “sell” rating from one of the analysts, “hold” from four more analysts, and finally, from ten researchers, a “buy” rating. 

Other Reports On NASDAQ: AEP By Analysts:

On Wednesday, an analytics firm reported an “equal weight” by reducing the price of their objective shares. It was further plunged below by another reporter, rating it a “sell” from its previous note of “neutral.” Canada’s Royal Bank gave the firm a whopping rating of “outperforming” on the 26th of October on Monday. AEP was further given another overweight rating by an analyst, while another reported a “neutral” rating, rising from their previous remark of “sell.” 

The Securities & Exchange Commission reported that over 0.16% of the shares are held by the insiders of the company. Several other firm investors and hedge funds have recently reduced or increased their holdings in American Electric Power Company. Over 75.01% of the entire volume shares are now owned by institutional investors as well as hedge fund owners. 

The EPS reported for the quarter was $1.47, topping estimates by several researchers of $1.46. The quarterly earnings for AEP’s were reported at 4.10 billion.