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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Bitcoin Bulls Retest Bought $35,000, Hikes BTC

Bitcoin prepares for a jump to $40,000. In the early hours of trading, the crypto-giant hit a wall, motivating sell-offs. Several reports said that the firm had fallen drastically from its current state to $34,368 and recently rebounded to $37,300.

Global regulators in Europe like Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, criticized Bitcoin, accusing it of being under the “funny” money laundering business. This, in turn, pushed the British Financial Advisors to shut down transactions of cryptocurrency in the nation. There were several reports of online pedlary of drugs in exchange for cryptocurrency, caught by the German police, which also may have struck the giant down. All of it can also be traced to when the Biden Administration announced its stimulus bill of over $1.9 trillion. 

Altcoins Take Charge Since Bitcoin’s Slash

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Several other cryptocurrency firms have been booming even after the industry has been facing pressure due to Bitcoin’s slippages. Chairlink’s LINK demonstrated an overnight hike, rising 13.9%. Their current trade value stands at $20.50, up to within just 24 hours. Cosmos ATOM also saw a vast leap in trade, its rate standing at a whopping $7.81, with a hike of 21.62%. 

Although not all of them faced the same fate, Ether ETH saw what exactly happened with the giant Bitcoin BTC, crumbling under pressure. The biggest altcoin in the crypto market is now down. It fell at a 4.8% rating and currently has a trade value of $1,172. The entire market of cryptocurrency is now on a whopping $1 trillion. Among them all, Bitcoin serves over 68% of the whole market. 

The Dow had to push back bears, managing very closely, coming to the close at 0.3%. Analysts also reported that the global market’s silver and gold also fell by 3.17% and 1.07%. The oil prices also took a massive hit, drowning by 2.93%.

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