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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Alabama Barker Was Seen leaving Vet’s Office Along With Her Father

Alabama Barker lost her pet, a french bulldog, Blue. The 16 years old is heartbroken. Alabama had blue since she was a child.

Alabama Barker penned Down Her Mind On Social Media

Losing her pet Blue, came as a shock to Alabama, she literally flooded her Instagram stories with blue’s photos and videos. Alabama Barker is none other than  Blink-182 drummer Travis Baker’s daughter. She was seen leaving the clinic with dog toys in her arm, wiping her tears. Alabama Barker and her father shared the story of their dog passing away via Instagram. Travis Barker shared a picture of him with Blue in his arms kissing and cuddling, melting millions of hearts.

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Alabama Barker wrote on her post sharing a picture of Blue, and how much he had helped her in her darkest days. She slept next to him. Alabama recalls the old days when she and blue used to play fetch and how he has touched so many lives.

Not only heartwarming messages and heart-wrenching captions but some hilarious footage and memories as well. Alabama remembers how he used to scream and bark to get in standing outside the glass door of their house, and if she didn’t act immediately there were consequences.

Losing a pet is way more difficult than it looks, and the teenager is going through a hard time right now. Travis Barker and Alabama Barker were seen leaving the veterinarian’s office, dressed casually. Matching sunglasses to matching shorts and wearing the same color. Everyone has been supporting them in this difficult time.

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