Alec Baldwin Thrashes Twitter User For Exposing His Wife’s Background

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

On Sunday, Alec Baldwin fired back at a Twitter user for questioning Hilaria Baldwin’s claim that she belongs to Spanish heritage on Instagram in a crazy rant. He compared Alec’s wife with used coasters that have stains and rings all over them. The “Thirty Rock” star,62, aimed at Twitter on which Lennie Briscoe initiated a thread on Monday which questioned Hilaria Baldwin’s claim that she took birth in Mallorca.

Alec Baldwin’s Reactions

Alec Baldwin referred to it on Instagram as a lot of awful shit and said that people have to chart their way through Twitter’s debris because Twitter has become a huge orchard full of crap. He said that he is also guilty of slinging crap on Twitter now and then. However, he declared that he will dump social media Twitter tomorrow publicly. The online rant began with the posts of Briscoe on Monday regarding questioning Alec’s wife’s fluctuating accent along with her claims that she grew up in Boston and took birth in Spain.

Briscoe wrote that people ought to admire the lifelong commitment of Alec’s wife while impersonating a person who belongs to Spanish heritage. Hilaria Baldwin early on Sunday admitted in an Instagram post that her real name is “Hillary” and she actually took birth in Boston. She wrote that often she has encountered online chatter questioning her culture and identity, and it is a matter that she takes very seriously. She stated that she took birth in Boston, grew up with her family traveling between Spain and Massachusetts. Her siblings and parents reside in Spain but she chooses to stay in the US.

However, Hilaria Baldwin’s biography page presented on the speaker’s website of her agency states that Hilaria took birth in Spain, Mallorca, and grew up in Massachusetts, Boston.