All You Need To Know About Google Pixel 5 And It’s Camera Upgrade

Google Pixel 5

One of the most exciting updates about the Google Pixel 5 reveal is probably its camera upgrade.  Give tough competition to Apple, Google’s latest smartphone is now getting fresh modifications to its telephoto camera.

As per reports, the hardware of the camera is pretty much the same as the last models. However, Google Pixel 4’s 2X telephoto camera has been switched with a better camera on Google Pixel 5. 

Sources say that Google’s latest flagship comes with a 16 MP ultra-wide lens that has 1µm pixels and an f/2.2 aperture. Even though the main camera hardware is still the same as the previous model, this model has Dual Pixel AF, OIS, and a 12.2 MP ½.55” sensor along with an f/1.7. 

Google Pixel 5 Gets A Software Upgrade

Since the hardware of the camera will remain the same, it’s not instantly clear how the image quality will be improved. There are several speculations surrounding the issue. Some of the opinions are positive, while some are not so good. Even so, we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions until the Google Pixel 5 device is in our hands. 

Note that the Pixel 4A 5G and google pixel 5 have the same camera hardware. So, all the features discussed here will apply to both the models. 

As per statements released by Google, the new devices will come with an excellent HDR+. The company said that this will give users sharper and clearer pictures. The HDR+ comes with exposure bracketing. While the tech giant promises a lot with this feature, we need to keep in mind that Google has always boasted about their exposure bracketing. What more can they bring that the customers haven’t seen yet?

Camera Upgrade Allows Users To Shoot Portraits In Low Light

One of the most important announces is that users will now be able to use Night Sight and take pictures in the portrait mode. This means that Google’s software update has made improvements for low light levels. Say hello to mesmerizing night portraits with bokeh effect!

With the Portrait feature, you will be able to brighten up an individual’s face even if the background is vivid and bright. Users can also manually brighten parts of the grid. Moreover, with the Google Pixel 5 software update, you will be able to modify your old images as well. 

As for the Google Pixel 4 video features, there are three stabilization modes available. They are Cinematic Pan, Active, and Locked mode. What many users, including the company representatives themselves, seem to be most interested in is the Cinematic Pan mode. You can shoot 60 frames per second and also slow down a video clip by 2X!

Only time will tell how effective this camera upgrade by Google is.