Altcoins Price Has Bounced Back By 35%


The sharp correction that had pulled altcoins and Bitcoin prices down towards their swing lows has evaporated by now. This has been due to Evergrande informing its investors that it fully intends at making an on-time payment on the debt it owes. Needless to say, this has led to global markets feeling confident about their prospects, which has manifested in the cryptocurrency sector bouncing back at the market open.

After there was a swift drop in the price of Bitcoin on the 21st of September- where it reached below $40,000- the cryptocurrency is currently moving at a price above $43,300, while Ethereum has secured its price level of $3,000. 

Livepeer altcoins lists on the Web3 Index

Livepeer is simply an altcoins-based decentralized video streaming network that is fixated upon creating an alternative to the usual solutions of broadcasting. According to VORTECS data received from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, there was a distinct bullish outlook for LPT on the 21st of September, just before the price managed to rise back up.

This corresponds with the data received from TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, which suggest that the biggest players over the last day have been COTI, Livepeer, and Axie Infinity. 

 COTI is another enterprise-grade fintech platform for altcoins which is usually based on decentralized payments- and has been the second-largest player over the last 24 hours. The recovery in the COTI price does follow the release of the treasury technological whitepaper of the platform and the listing of the token on 

Axie Infinity is another altcoins-based, play-to-earn trading and battling game that leads to users breeding, collecting, battling, and raising in-game token-based creatures which are referred to as Axies. According to material provided by Cointelegraph Markets pro, the usual conditions in the market for this platform have always been pretty favorable.