How Much And Which Regions Will Receive Stimulus Checks Still In April This Year?

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Check

Some states still issue tax refunds and stimulus checks. The residents listed below can anticipate receiving a payout in June. Several states started giving out relief payments to residents last year as a result of the sharp price increases that had started to occur.

Which Places Are Giving Out Relief And Stimulus Checks?


Through the PFD program, the Alaskan administration has been giving citizens a portion of tax proceeds from oil extraction for the past 41 years. Each accepted applicant will receive $3,284 this year. Alaskans had until March 31 to submit their applications and to qualify, applicants had to be citizens of Alaska and not be detained for the whole year of 2022. The stimulus checks will be delivered on April 20 if the state upgrades your payment status to “Not Paid-Eligible” by April 12 after you have applied. 


Residents of Maine will get $450 handouts to assist with winter heating expenses. The recipients of the payments will total about 880,000 people. The state started disbursing aid in Jan and anticipates that all stimulus checks will be cashed by March 31. The state decides eligibility based on the data presented on a taxpayer’s return. 


Stimulus checks of roughly 14% of the amount of state taxes owed are available to taxpayers. Refunds were given in December to those who submitted their 2021 returns before 17th October of the previous year. However, those who submit before September 15, 2023, will get their money a month after they do.

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Refunds of around $500 for individual filers and approx $1k for those who file jointly are still available to in-state residents. To complete their earnings tax rebate for 2021 as well as be eligible for stimulus checks, individuals have until May 2023.