Ana de Armas Marks The Media Attention To Be Horrible To Ben Affleck’s Relationship

Ana de Armas

Ana De Armas dated Batman star Ben Affleck for a few months recently. However, she revealed she was scared of the attention their romance got from the media.

While doing a cover story for ELLE, the “Knives Out” actress revealed that it was a horrible experience with the attention from the media her relationship got. She also revealed how that was one of the reasons why she left LA.

When she started dating Affleck, the star actress drew a lot of attention after they got trapped in Havana and Cuba. However, her inseparable, as what it seemed back then, relationship with the “Deep Water” costar Ben was something the paparazzi just could not get tired of.

Ana de Armas Does Not Want Too Much Media Attention On Her Personal Life

The actress said she has often seen celebs dealing with their personal lives becoming an open book thanks to the media of Hollywood. However, that was not the life that she liked.

The “Deep Waters” star said she was going through the same thing and had given a lot of thought before deciding that this was not a place she wanted to be. The actress said that it sometimes becomes way too much in LA for her, yet there is no way out from it.

Ana de Armas, 34, and a born New Yorker said LA always keeps one anxious about things they don’t have.

The actress dated her costar during tricky times, as it was the pandemics. They were quarantined together at the time they were dating. However, the romance was frizzled after some time, and the duo confirmed their split in January 2021.

Now, Ana De Armas is dating a Tinder executive named Paul Boukadakis. However, the actress’s newfound romance hasn’t dominated the headlines. It still is a low profile dating between them as she likes it.