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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Analysts Have Finalized a Recommendation of ‘Buy’ for the Stocks of DHI

The stocks of DHI have been given a rating of ‘buy’ from close to twenty-seven brokerages that have been working on the firm. Two of the investment analysts have already given the stocks a rating for sell, while five of them have recommended hold. Sixteen research analysts have sought a buy rating, while a single research analyst has declared ‘strong buy’ for the company. The target price of the company over the course of a year is $81.45, as set by the research equities. 

What Have the Research Equities Commented on DHI?

Several research equities throughout the market have commented on the stocks of the company. ValuEngine has already decreased the rating of DHI from ‘sell’ to ‘strong sell’, in one of their research notes that was sent out on 10th November. Truist, on the other hand, has increased the shares of the company from a rating of ‘hold’ to a rating of ‘buy’, while they have also increased the price target on the company from $58 to $100.

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Credit Suisse Group has also increased the price objective set on DHI from $84 to $88, along with the rating of ‘outperform’ for the stocks. Barclays has also joined in on the fun, with a price target of $95 and a stock rating of ‘overweight’.

The DHI shares traded at $73.23 last Friday. The market cap for the company is $26.68 billion, with a PE ratio of 11.41, and a PEG ratio of 0.75. The beta of the company is 1.72. The moving average price for the company over 50-days is $72.05, while that of 200-days is $68.08. The company has a year low of $25.51, and a year high of $81.21. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.35, while the quick ratio is 1.82, and the current ratio is 6.70.  

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