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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Without Unemployment Aid, Millions of Americans Are Set To Face A Financial Catastrophe

Approximately 12 million US citizens are out of work creating a disastrous situation. These people are facing a financial catastrophe with the approaching 26th December deadline when the PEUC and PUA unemployment aids are going to expire.

Several financial programs for the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be exhausted and Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader in the Senate, is not interested in approving another stimulus package as large as the CARES Act provided in March 2020.

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As a result, Americans are hopeless and despairing for government support and extension of important programs before the year 2020 ends.

Americans Push For Unemployment Aid

Under the existing unemployment aid programs, each American is being offered $600 every week.

The members from ExtendPUA.org and Stephanie Freed are among numerous others who are trying to push their demands in front of the senators through 30 meetings from the month of May when the group was organized.

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While the negotiations are ongoing, the deadline for this funding is rapidly approaching. Meanwhile, few of the GOP senators are blatantly showing disinterestedness in prioritizing the aid for unemployed Americans.

Kelly Loeffler, Senator of Georgia, has said that the rate of unemployment in her state is almost 10% but she has refused to consider increasing the timeline or payment for unemployed Georgians. Tim Scott, Senator of South Carolina, has not even rescheduled a proper team for unemployment aid members.

McConnell has refused to approve the $2.8 trillion stimulus package proposed by Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker. McConnell has suggested reducing the amount but the Congress body is awaiting the take-over by Joe Biden, President-elect. McConnell recommended half of $2.2 trillion under the CARES Act for the local and state governments.

ExtendPUA.org and Freed have openly accepted the hard fact that countless Americans might need long-term relief programs despite being vaccinated owing to the deplorable state of the economy and decline in hiring in the US.

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