Ant Anstead Hurls Accusations At Christina Haack Of Exploiting Their Son Hudson

ant anstead

Amidst an ugly custody battle over their son Ant Anstead alleges that his ex-wife, Christina Haack, is exposing Hudson, their 2-year-old son, to the outside world for her own personal and materialistic gain.

Ant Anstead A Conscientious Father

Ant Anstead, 43, said that his only focus was to ensure that their 2-year-old baby boy Hudson was not unduly exposed to the media glare. He wanted him to have a simple, happy, and normal life. 

Child stars in television shows usually have persisting issues regarding their images. They live in a make-believe world which does allow them to behave like other children of their age. In the bargain, they lose out on their childhood. 

The suicide of Kailia Posey in ‘Toddles And Tiaras’ is a burning example. Brushing away Ant’s accusations Christina had said that it was fabricated and untrue. 

The only videos that she had taken of Hudson were the ones where he was playing with his toys or trying to make some cookies. She was deeply hurt at the false and baseless remarks against her. 

Haack, 39, admitted that Ant and she had gone to get private therapy but it seems that it was all futile. He still doesn’t think twice before slandering her in public.

Ant Anstead had also alleged that his wife had used their son as a puppet for her own selfish needs. She had prompted him to further her career by getting more lucrative deals.

Their son Hudson was born in September 2019. Ant Anstead and Haack broke up after a year of his birth. They finally got their divorce in June 2021. 

Haack is now happily married to Joshua Hall. Renne Zellweger is Ant Anstead’s new love interest. They have been seen many times.