Apple iPad Air Will Feature the Company’s Most Advanced Chip- the A14 Bionic Chip

Apple iPad Air

The giant conglomerate recently announced the unveiling of their latest iPad– the Apple iPad Air. This device comes armed with a Liquid Retina display of 10.9 inches, finishes in 5 different gorgeous styles, upgrades in both audio and camera, and the top button furnished with touch integrated Touch ID sensor. But most importantly, the Apple iPad Air will also feature the A4 bionic chip- said to be the most advanced chip ever used by Apple. 

Greg Joswiak mentioned that the company was quite excited to see the reception that their newest Apple iPad Air would receive as it contained the bionic chip which has been the most advanced they have ever used. All the other upgrades are simply icing on the cake- an endeavor to provide the best user experience at a highly affordable price. With the induction of this Apple iPad Air, the iPad lineup for 2020 seems a lot more potent. For, Apple would be adding the iPad Pro and the 8th-Generation iPad to the Apple iPad Air. 

All-New Apple iPad Air Design in Five Beautiful Finishes

Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air soon to be launched into the market comes in 5 different finishes- sky blue, space gray, rose gold, silver, and green. The updated display contains a 10.9-inch Retina Display, which further contains 3.8 million pixels to give the most aesthetic display to the user. A touch ID sensor, too, has been added to the Apple iPad Air so as to ensure that the display extends to every side. This touch ID sensor will be integrated into the top button, and work just like every other Apple device. Fortunately, the Apple iPad Air is also extremely compatible with the Apple Pencil- which gets attached to the iPad magnetically. This helps in easy charging and storage. 

Most Powerful Apple iPad Air with A14 Bionic

Apple iPad Air

Users will find a massive upgrade in performance as Apple iPad Air comes armed with the A14 Bionic chip. The A14 Bionic chip is capable of handling even the most taxing of apps. So, you don’t have to worry about your device crashing when you are trying to play immersive games or working on some 4K videos. Since the A14 bionic contains the recently developed 5-nanometer process technology, the Apple iPad Air comes with 11.6 billion transistors which will help increase the power and performance of the Apple iPad Air. The A14 Bionic chip also features a 6-core design that is designed to improve the CPU performance, while a 4-core graphics architecture will help with the graphics improvement. 

But most importantly, the A14 bionic chip helps the Apple iPad Air due to its Neural Engine that is twice as fast- and completely capable of completing at least 11 trillion operations every second. 

The current lineup of the Apple iPad suits every target audience. Be it technology, or price range- there is an Apple iPad Air for everyone.