Apple iPad Air and Apple Watch SE Should be The Two Apple Devices That You Look Forward to

Apple Watch SE

Although the latest event organized by Apple didn’t sign off with any major phone unveilings, the giant company did bring out four new devices, and a whole host of other services. While it might not be the usual fare of an Apple event, the launch of the Apple Watch SE, and the Apple iPad Air could actually be very significant in today’s world. Considering the Apple Watch SE does come with a kid tracker. And interestingly, Apple seems to be going into a phase- where they take a device that is already the best in the market- and tweak it further. Although they do increase the price along with it- it might be a small addition to the features they usually put in.


Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE- Does it Belong in the ‘Better’ Category?

The Steve Jobs era had Apple working in a considerably different direction. Their motto was Consumer vs Pro. In today’s date, that model has been rendered redundant. Even the word ‘pro’ doesn’t mean professional. It simply means a better version of an existing device. For, it could be very easy to believe that Apple was trying to produce inexpensive devices- after Apple, both launched the Apple Series 6, and the Apple Watch SE. For a casual fan, this could mean that Apple was slowly including the Apple Watch SE, to make it more compatible with the iPhone SE. This would not only lower the prices- but also sell the products better. 

But, the true agenda behind Apple naming the devices in such a manner has a lot to do with its policy of ‘Good, Better, Best’. In such a scenario, the devices that Apple is launching this year can be grouped as such-

1. Good- iPhone SE/ Apple Watch Series 3

2. Better- iPhone 11/ Apple Watch SE

3. Best- iPhone 11 Pro/ Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch SE: Better Value than Apple Watch Series 6?

The ‘good option’ actually benefits the company more than any other option. Not only do they fix their losses by selling millions of their third-tier products, but this also allows them to increase the prices of the other tiers, making them the best in the market. In 2019, Apple managed to sell millions of Apple Watch 3, and this year the Apple Watch SE seems to be the clear favorite. 

The same goes for iPad Air, and iPad Pro. While it may seem that Apple iPad Air was simply monopolizing the iPad industry by bringing in most of the features that constitute the iPad Pro, it would be a mistake to think so. Apple, at the end of the day, cares for margin. And to be frank, it is still selling you an iPad. In fact, this margin could very well be the reason why Apple Watch SE is just a downgraded Apple Watch Series 6. A few features imbibed into the latter- and the price skyrockets. 

The logic is simple. The good option that Apple employs will see you through the door. Now, you can choose the much better option. Here, Apple gets ingenious- they sell the best version of the product- rather than just something improved. You can see it for yourself- the Apple Watch SE is built on the same foundations as the Apple Watch Series 6.