Developers Aren’t Pleased with the iOS 14 Release that Apple Announced Instead of the Apple iPhone 12

iOS 14 release

Many of the Apple fans were left disappointed after the company refused to comment on the Apple iPhone 12. Instead, they tried to reel their fanbase in by talking about the iOS 14 release. Now, while most of the fans would be overjoyed at this news, developers aren’t. 

Shihab Mehboob, an iOS developer has explained the fury of the developers as a direct result of Apple’s apparent brain fade. With the iOS 14 Release, most developers have no idea when to bring out their apps. And Mehboob believes that most of them would actually opt to sleep on it and bring it out whenever they deem fit. This time around, they won’t be waiting to launch their apps along with the OS. 

Mehboob turned out to be one of the lucky ones. He had just finished his app- a Twitter product made strictly for iOS, when Apple announced the iOS 14 release. But that doesn’t seem like the end of the journey. Even though he has finished most of his app, he can’t afford to let go. With the iOS 14 Release announcement, Apple has started a mad rush among developers who want to get their App reviewed by Apple as soon as possible. 

Apple Never Gave the Developers A Week Before the iOS 14 Release

Usually, Apple would give every developer a heads up, for about a week. This would allow the app developers to time their app perfectly with the launch. In this period, Apple would also provide a beta OS which would be important for the developers to test their apps on. Although there can be several bugs later on, this serves as a preliminary tester. 

The iOS 14 Release Messed up The Syncing Period of the Developers

It is during this time that most of them actually get to tweaking and implementing changes in their apps. Most developers also add certain new features that would make their apps more appealing. But this time around, the iOS 14 release has left them scrambling to finish their app somehow, and then get it reviewed. 

Sadly, most developers would be extremely upset to know that their excitement would be for nought. Several of the developers have just begun the game of developing apps, but this time around there wouldn’t be any triumph in their success. And this will lead to them not receiving any coverage. Even the uninitiated knows, no coverage means no sales. So, even if the iOS 14 release did make most fans happy- developers don’t have many reasons to be so. There is always an option- they could wait until the storm clears and then upload their apps. But this will not put them in the limelight. And the results won’t equate the efforts they put into making the app.