Real-World Look Of AirPods Studio Offered by Image Leak

AirPods studio

There was a Twitter leak that claimed to possess images that gave the world the first look at Apple’s much coveted AirPods Studio. The specialty of this AirPods would be its feature of being above the ear. The leak claimed to have images for the Sport design- which showed the AirPods Studio with some mesh design. 

This comes as a result of Bloomberg mentioning quite early into the year that Apple was working on bringing out two variations on their over-ear AirPods Studio. One of them would be made of fabrics reminiscent of leather to give a sophisticated look, while the other would be made for durability and fitness- with breathable materials infused into it. This is the Sport design, of which there was a purported Twitter leak. 

How Closely Does the Leaked Image Resemble the AirPods Studio as Stated by Bloomberg?

It wouldn’t go amiss to say that the leak resembled the Bloomberg report to quite a degree. The report had claimed that the AirPods Studio would feature a retro look, along with swiveling oval shaped ear cups. The image also featured the headband using thin metal bands to connect the two ear cups. 

Bloomberg also reported that the AirPods Studio could be easily customized by the users. The ear cups could be changed, along with the detachable headbands. This would allow them to move from a sophisticated look to a sporty look- and vice versa. Several sites have covered the AirPods Studio vigorously. Some have commented on the equalizer system or the head-neck detector. 

What To Expect From The AirPods Studio?

It has also been theorized that the AirPods Studio would play content as and when the headphones are placed on the head. On the other hand, the Neck Detection feature of the AirPods Studio would allow the user to pause the music but keep the headset switched on. 

9 to 5 Mac has also stated that there has been evidence of AirPods Studio in the iOS 14 Beta code. Also, accessories involving two different colors have also been displayed. The price is said to be set at $349 onwards. 

Although Apple hasn’t officially stated a launch date for the AirPods Studio, it is assumed that they would be launched by the end of the year. With the current demand in AirPods Studio, coupled with the continuous launches of other Apple products, the company might just announce it to make sure that all bases are covered in the market. 

All that needs to be seen is if the Twitter leak actually matches up with the original product. But, considering most leaks for Apple have proved to be correct, one can hazard a guess that the AirPods Studio leak too would be true.