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Aries Spears Says His And Tiffany Haddish’s Accusers Guilty Of Extortion

According to Aries Spears, the plaintiffs who are suing comedians Aries Spears and Tiffany Haddish for molestation and grooming are attempting to “extort” them.

In a clip from his “Spears & Steinberg” podcast released on Instagram on Wednesday, the stand-up comedian, 47, stated, “Listen, clearly for legal purposes, I really can’t talk about anything at this moment.”

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“But I mostly want to thank all the faithful listeners for your love and support. Listen, this is a shakedown and an extortion case. We won’t be taken advantage of.

Aries Spears and 42-year-old Haddish’s representatives did not immediately react to a request for comment from Page Six.

Aries Spears Confirms His And Tiffany’s Haddish Accusers Guilty Of Extortion

Siblings only named Jane Doe, now 22, and John Doe, now 14, say in a lawsuit that Aries Spears and Haddish forced them to perform pornographic skits when they were younger. The case was previously obtained by Page Six.

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In 2013, Jane, then 14 years old, heard from the actress as a guest lecturer at a summer camp. She allegedly informed Jane that she had found the teen “the perfect character” in her advertisement.

The lawsuit claims that Haddish and Spears were aware of the overall plan while Jane and her mother were unaware of the specifics of the shoot.

Haddish allegedly instructed Jane throughout the shoot in fellatio impersonation for a joke about young people fighting over a sub sandwich. Before sending Jane home, Haddish allegedly paid her $100, according to the lawsuit.

A year later, Haddish allegedly informed the children’s mother that she was considering using John, the younger brother, for a Nickelodeon sizzle reel.

According to the lawsuit, Haddish and Spears abused the 7-year-old while recording “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes,” a distressing video later released on Funny Or Died and other internet platforms.

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