Ban Of Instagram In Russia Left The Influencers In Tears

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

There has been news that some influencers in Russia have posted a farewell video with tears in their eyes. This farewell was posted mainly on Instagram as it has been banned from Russia. The ban of this application from Russia is mainly due to the war that is going on between Russia and Ukraine which started as Russia invaded Ukraine without any notice. 

Impact Of Instagram Influencers After This Ban In Russia

The influencers are requesting their followers to watch them on other digital platforms like VK and Telegram. However, the influencers suffering were mostly criticized by people as their complaints falls flat while thousands of people are fighting and dying due to the war. 

Olga Buzova, a star of reality television, has posted a video of seven-minute, sobbing and informing her 23.3 million fans that she is not scared to tell people that she is actually afraid of losing her fans and as she cannot know the future, all her struggles would now go vain. She also added that this was not a task for her, rather it became a part of her life that she would miss terribly. This video got more than 700,000 views. 

In the views of Nexta TV, a Russian influencer stated that Instagram was not an income source for her, rather it was her soul and life which would be taken away all of a sudden. The channel trolled them by saying that for the people dying is not a big deal as long as they can post pictures of fancy dining and other stuff. 

Valeria Chekalina wrote on her bio on Instagram that the platform will be banned with a crying emoji and asked her 10.5 million fans to follow her on VK and Telegram for future updates. Russia declared this Friday that the country is boycotting Instagram after Facebook as the parent company, Meta is an extreme organization as per the law of Russia.