Ben Affleck Cannot Take His Eyes Of Lopez

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the moment. He is known for his ability to blend into any character he plays. Affleck recently gained a significant amount of fan following by portraying the role of Batman. The actor seems to be enjoying his life to the fullest at the moment. Ben has recently married the love of his life, Jennifer Lopez. In recently released pictures, it has been spotted that Ben was very much invested in his newlywed wife and could not take his eyes off her.

The duo is currently in Italy, spending their honeymoon. Both Affleck and Lopez seem to be lost in one another. The couple was spotted enjoying lunch in each other’s company. The venue for their lunch was the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, which was situated in Lake Como. Ben Affleck married Lopez in one of the grandest weddings at their Georgia residence.

Affleck was caught staring constantly at Lopez as she looked stunning in her reception dress by Ralph Lauren.  The making of the gown took seven hundred hours to complete with thirty expert artisans working on the masterpiece. The duo were lovers back in the early 2000s and reconciled for the second time recently. Let us learn more about the story in detail. 

Ben Affleck On Seventh Heaven

Ben Affleck seems to be on seventh heaven as he is enjoying a romantic honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez. The duo were very much in love with each other previously in the early 2000s. The media was very fond of the couple and lovingly nicknamed them as “Bennifer”. However, the lovers got separated, leaving all the fans shocked. 

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had their shares of romantic relationships in their life. However, the duo seemed to be made for each other and finally gave their story a full circle by marrying each other.