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Monday, October 25, 2021

BEP Has Its Price Target Cut to $40

The stocks of BEP have found their price target cut to $40 from $60 by National Bank Financial in one of their research reports that were published last Tuesday. According to BayStreet, the firm currently has a rating of ‘sector perform’ on the stock of BEP. Also, given the price target, it would be safe to say that it indicates a potential negation of about 3.85% on the stocks of the company. 

There have been quite a few research firms that have written about the stocks of BEP. Raymond James has already set a target price of $56 on the company along with a rating of ‘market perform’. Piper Sandler has also given a rating of ‘neutral’ to the stocks of the company along with a price objective of $36.67. BMO Capital Markets has also reduced the objective price on the shares of the company from $50 to $33, along with a rating of ‘market perform’. Credit Suisse Group also gave a rating of ‘neutral’ to the stocks of BEP along with a price target set at $46.67. 

The Quarterly Earnings of BEP

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Thirteen research analysts have rated the stocks of this company with a ‘hold’, while two of them have given it a rating of ‘buy’. Currently, the average rating of the company is ‘hold’, with an objective price of $39.55. 

The shares of the company have traded at $1.52 on Tuesday, where it hit close to $41.60. The trading volume of the company was 7,525 shares. The market cap of BEP is $7.62 billion, with a beta of 0.66, and a PE ratio of -56.86. The debt to equity ratio of the company is 0.92, along with a quick ratio of 0.62, and a current ratio of 0.62.

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