The Analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co have Already Increased the Target Price of RTX


The shares of RTX saw the price objective increased by analysts working at JPMorgan Chase & Co from $79 to $85 in one of the research reports that was published last Tuesday. The firm has a rating of ‘overweight’ currently, but the price objective set by the brokerage does seem to indicate a potential increase of about 20.29% on the stocks of the company. 

The Stock Options of RTX

There have been quite a few research firms that have weighed in on the stocks of this company. Morgan Stanley has already set up a rating of ‘overweight’ for the company, along with a price objective set at $89. The Credit Suisse Group has, on the other hand, dropped their price objective on the shares of RTX from $75 to $70 in one of their research reports, along with a rating of ‘outperform’. ValuEngine gave the shares of the company a rating of ‘hold’ in a research note. The Goldman Sachs Group also joined in pretty late, with a rating of ‘conviction buy’ on the stocks of the company

One of the research analysts working on the stocks of the firm has already given it a rating of ‘sell’, while five of them have issued it a rating of ‘hold’. One lone researcher has given it a rating of ‘strong buy’. The average rating of the company is ‘Buy’, with an objective price set at $86.82. 

The stocks of RTX have traded at $0.14 on Tuesday where they hit around $70.66. The moving average for the company over 50-day is $66.79, whereas the 200-day moving average is $63.15. The year low for the company is $40.72, with a year high of $93.47. The market cap for the company is $107.31 billion, with a beta of 1.23, and a PE ratio of 8.54, and a PEG ratio of 1.79. The current ratio of the company is 1,20, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.45.