Stifel Nicolaus Gave ASTE a Price Objective of $62


The stocks of ASTE have been given an objective price of $62 by the researchers working for Stifel Nicolaus, in one of the research publications that was issued to investors and clients last Tuesday. The brokerage has also set up a rating of ‘hold’ for the company, with the price objective of the firm indicating an increase of 3.09% on the stocks of the company. 

The Stocks Options of ASTE

There have been quite a few equity firms that have commented on the stocks of the company. BidaskClub has already decreased the shares of ASTE from a rating of ‘buy’ to a rating of ‘hold’. William Blair has also brought out a rating of ‘market perform’ for the shares of the company. Robert W. Baird went ahead and increased the objective price of the company from $47 to $71 in one of their research reports that were sent out on Friday. Zacks Investment Research, too, got in the game with a rating of ‘sell’ for the company with a price target of $58. One researcher has already given the stocks of this company a rating of ‘sell’, while five of them have given it a rating of ‘hold’- with one other researcher giving it a rating of ‘buy’. The average rating of the company is ‘Hold’, with a price target set at an average of $58. 

The stocks of ASTE did trade at $1.10 last Tuesday, where it hit $60.14. The stock consisted of 11 shares in its trading volume. The 52 week low for the company is $25.17, whereas the 52 week high for the same is $63.94. The market cap of the company has been set at $1.36 billion, with a beta of 1.35, and a PE ratio of 103.69. The moving average of the company over 50 days is $56.26, whereas that of 200 days is $51.56.