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Friday, July 1, 2022

Rep. Paul Mitchell Quits GOP Citing Trump’s Efforts to Discredit Election Results as Catalyst

The Republican from Michigan, Rep. Paul Mitchell decided to leave the GOP after feeling disgusted and disappointed with the actions of President Donald Trump. He told CNN that the myriad efforts taken by the current President to overturn the results of a seemingly fair election led to him changing his party affiliation to ‘independent’. He also asked the Clerk of the House to inform all the GOP leaders in one note that he would be letting go of the reins of the Republican Party- at both the State and National level. Paul Mitchell mentioned that the party had to stand up for the country first- and not its own vested interests. He spoke about how the party was going in a direction that was detrimental for the progress of both the party and the nation- and he wanted to have no part in it. 

Paul Mitchell Believes the GOP Leadership Has Collectively Lost their Wits

Rep. Paul Mitchell would be retiring this Congress session, and he is afraid that the participation of the GOP in trying to overturn the elections would result in the death of democracy. In his letter, he scathingly remarked that it wasn’t at all feasible or warranted that political candidates would see the election system with so much distrust- completely negating the sanctity of the vote. 

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He had been noting the leaders of his party not taking any action as the conspiracy theories kept on building up time and time again. There were rallies to stop the electoral count, and what seemed to be the last nail in the coffin was the leadership actively participating in some of these theatrical displays. 

On CNN, Rep. Paul Mitchell simply stated that politics was both about winning and losing. Sure, losing might hurt- it would definitely be personal. But if someone couldn’t bear the thought of losing an election- politics wasn’t for them. 

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